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Refrigeration appliances like cold rooms, water coolers, refrigerators and freezers are widely used by domestic and commercial sectors. The refrigerators and deep freezers preserve milk, vegetable, fruit, fish, medicine and other consumable items for a long period. These machines run continuously without any break. To get the maximum output of these appliances, maintenance and repair service are required on a regular basis. It should be done once in the six months, otherwise you can face a heavy lost.

UK Cold Room is a popular brand in refrigeration and air conditioning industry. We offer fast, friendly and cost effective maintenance work of all your refrigeration equipment. If you are searching Refrigeration Maintenance Services in London, then our firm has been ranked five stars. We deliver planned preventive maintenance or PPM to all our clients. For your annual maintenance plan, we have a range of solutions to suit your requirements.

Our engineers use the modern tools and technology to examine the mechanical and electrical parts of your fridge or freezer. The compressor is the main heart of the refrigeration system. We check the pressure and oil level of the compressor. Our staff wash, clean and dry the condenser, evaporator, filter, fan and motor of the refrigeration unit. All wiring is tested to save the unit from any short circuit.

You have cold room or freezers in your ice cream, fishing and flower shops, restaurants, milk shops, bakeries, butcheries, pharmacies, hospitals, labs, and many other business places. If you face any malfunction in these appliances, then fix it immediately. UK Cold Room delivers a professional service of Commercial refrigeration repairs in London at the affordable price. We deal all the leading brands. Our dedicated, experienced and certified engineers ensure a fast and secure restoration of all your refrigeration system. We use the genuine material. We complete the task within the customer’s budget.

UK Cold Room provides cost effective and reliable Refrigeration Repair Service in London. To restore your appliances into its original position, our technicians adopt the modern method and technique of repairing. We have emergency customer support services van. These vans are specially equipped with the repairing and maintenance tools and materials. Whenever you book your repairing services we reach at your doorstep rapidly by using these speedy vans.

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